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Poulins Fall Firearm Sale Was A Fantastic Success!!! This Past Auction Generated Over 2 Million In Sales!!!

Fairfield, ME Poulin's fall firearm auction generated just under $2 million in sales. The largest firearm auction the company has held to date. Previous auctions the company has held generated on average $1.3 million in sales, with the now second highest being $1.8 million. The low estimate for this fall firearm auction was $1.6 million. A tremendous fury of live participation, phone, absentee, & internet bidding catapulted the sale to the new record for the company of nearly $2 million in sales.

The 2000 lot sale featured the Bruce Cady collection of Remington firearms, a large offering of Civil War swords from two major collections from Florida, the Carl Frank Funes collection of European arms and armor, a portion of the Richard Rohal's famous collection of Marlin rifles, the David Crocker collection of Colts, leather, & powder horns, as well as over one hundred consignors from across the U.S. & Canada. Many of whom took advantage of Poulin's 0% seller's commission on expensive items and valuable collections, saving precious percentage points and putting the entire hammer price in their pockets.

Poulin's three day firearm auction was also part of a much larger event. Running in conjunction with our other family's business two day firearm auction (a stone throw away), together the two companies have created the premier firearm auction event in the world. Truly catering to all levels of collecting, a firearm collector of any genre can, in most cases, find exactly what he is looking for in one stop. Our Family's fall firearm auction produced $10 million in sales through their auction. Together this is the premier firearm auction event in the world, in which the two companies grossed nearly $12 million in sales. This sale is largest premier firearm auction event in the world that took place this year. The next closest event was the spring firearm auction that the two companies also held in March with $10.5 million in sales. The two companies also held the two largest firearm auction events for 2009 during a most turbulent economic downturn grossing $24 million in sales for the year

Consignors with Poulin Auction Co. have their items exposed to an aggressive global market. Participants from across the world bid during Poulin's three day firearm auction. Bidders registered from United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Sweden, France, South Africa, Australia, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Denmark, & more. The added exposure due to the magnitude of the event creates a massive level of competition on the goods, which is part of what a consignor needs to generate the best rate of return possible for their goods.

In order for a consignor to achieve the highest rate of return on their items they also need the lowest commission structure, so that more money ends up in their pockets at the end of the day. No other auction firm in the country can offer the level of exposure that our family's companies create with such a low commission structure (as low as 0% on expensive items & valuable collections). The lowest in the country for comparable services.

Some of the highlights from this fantastic auction include, F.A. Meanea double rig holster realized $9,200 with an $8,000 est., a French & Indian war era map horn ultimately sold for an impressive $6,325 well past the $1,000-2,000 est., a Webley-Fosbery .455 cal rev. est. $2,800-3,500 was won by the high bidder for $6,210, a JS Collins Cheyenne Wyo. Gun rig est. $1,200-1,600 rapidly exceed the figure bringing $5,750, a Sharps New Model metallic cartridge conversions was est. $2,500-4,000 sold for $5,577, a William J. McElroy confederate foot officers sword with a presale est. $5,000-6,000 within est. at $5,175, Winchester Model 64 est. $4,000-5,000 brought $4,830, S&W 2nd model American SA est. $2,500-4,500 realized $4,830, an aftermarket engraved Winchester 1887 est. $3,500-5,500 sold for $4,830, a J.H. Hall 1819 FL Rifle est. $2,500-3,500 soared to $4,600, Winchester 97 WWII Trench Gun est $3,500-5,500 sold for $4,600, High Grade Horstmann Engraved Silver Grip Sword carried a pre-sale est. $3,000-4,000 and finally sold for $4,255, Winchester 1885 Low-Wall est $4,000-5,500 sold within est. for $4,312, an aftermarket engraved Winchester 1866 SRC est. $3,000-6,000 achieved a final price for $4,140, a Colt SAA est. $2,000-3,000 sold for $4,140, a Colt 3rd model Dragoon est. $2,500-4,000 sold $4,082, 16 Luristan/Amlash bronze weapons est. $4,000-6,000 brought $4,025, a Winchester 92 S# 29 est. $2,750-4,000 realized at $3,910, a Colt 1860 fluted cylinder est. $3,000-4,000 finalized at $3,737, 2 Denver marked holsters est. $800-1,400 sold for $3,680, a Remington Rand 1911-A1 est $1,400-1,800 brought $3,565, 3 Jarid spears est. $500-700 soared past the pre-sale est. finalizing at $3,565, a Colt Frontier six shooter est. $2,000-3,000 brought a final price of $3,565, a large lot of Marlin parts est. $1,200-2,000 realized $3,565, a Remington 40-x Sporter est. $1,750-2,500 exceeded the pre-sale est finally realizing at $3,450, a Winchester 1873 deluxe est $2,000-3,000 sold for $3,450, a Colt SAA 1st gen. est $2,000-2,500 finalized at $3,450, a J.S. Collins, Cheyenne, WY est $800-1,200 realized at $3,450, two gun rigs est. $800-1,400 sold for $3,450, a Springfield 1816 FL musket est $2,000-3,000 brought $3,450, a Winchester 1892 SRC est $3,200-4,000 sold for $3,450, a pair of shipboard German WWII Binoculars est $600-800 soared to $3,345, a Winchester 1892 SRC $2,800-3,500 brought a final price of $3,220, High Grade Civil War Presentation Sword est $2,800-3,500 sold for $3,220, Winchester 1885 High Wall Est. $2,000-2,750 commanded a final price of $3,220, a Colt 1st gen est $3,000-4,500 finalized at $3,220, a fluted cylinder Colt 1860 Army est $2,000-3,000 realized at $3,220, a Spanish rapier est. $800-1,200 soared to $3,220, a Colt fluted 1860 army est. $2,500-3,500 sold for $3,162, another fluted Colt 1860 Army est. $2,500-3,500 sold $3,162, a Colt Frontier six shooter est $2,000-3,000 finalized at $3,162, a presentation grade 1850 Non-reg pres. Grade artillery officers sword est. $1,800-2,200 totaled $3,105, a renickeled Colt SAA cavalry est. $1,500-2,500 finalized at $3,105, a Colt SAA est $1,000-2,000 sold for $3,105, a Colt-Sauer 3000 drilling est $2,500-4,000 sold for $3,105, a large lot of Marlin stocks est. $2,250-3,500 finished at $3,105, 2 cartridge/money belts est $800-1,200 sold for $3,105, a large lot of sights and accessories est $1,200-1,800 brought $2,990, an Enfield MKII est $2,500-5,000 realized $2,990, a massive matchlock wall rifle est $1,250-1,750 sold for $2,990, a fluted Colt 1860 est $1250-2000 finalized at $2,990, a Denver Mfg Co. gun rig est $800-1,200 brought $2,990, an 1860 cavalry saber est $1,800-2,200 sold for $2,932, a Connecticut Shotgun Mfg co 20ga sxs est $2,300-3,200 finalized $2,932, a refinished Winchester 1897 trench gun est. $2,000-3,000 brought $2,875, a Japanese kura (saddle) est $2,000-3,000 finished at $2,875, a Winchester 1873 est $2,500-3,500 sold for $2,875, a Winchester 1886 est $2,000-3,000 hammered out at $2,875, a model 1861 confederate cavalry saber est $2,500-3,000 realized $2,875, a Newton & Andrews Gun rig est $800-1,200 brought a total of $2,875, an AYA 116 28ga est $2,500-2,900 brought $2,875, a Spanish swept hilt rapier est $600-800 soared to $2,760, a lot of three small short swords est $1,200-1,500 finalized at $2,760, Tipping & Lawden Cased percussion pistols est $2,000-3,000 sold for $2,702, Springfield NM 1903 est $800-1,200 brought $2,645, a Norwegian Jarmann 1884 est. $1,500-2,500 realized $2,645, a lot of 4 hunting swords est $1,000-1,200 commanded a final price of $2,645, 2 chinese trousse est $300-400 soared to $2,645, a Remington rolling block No. 5 Sporting rifle $1,500-2,500 realized $2,645, a pre-war Grade 1 Browing superposed 20 ga est $1,800-2,600 finalized $2,645, a Winchester 1892 takedown est $2,000-3,000 brought a total $2,530, a Winchester 1895 est $2,000-3,000 sold for $2,530, a Winchester 1876 est $1,800-2,500 sold at $2,530, a Civil War presentation Ames foot officer's sword est $2,000-3,000 finalized at $2,530, a fluted 1860 colt est $2,000-3,000 sold $2,530, a colt 1st gen. SAA est $2,000-3,000 brought $2,530, a 2nd gen colt SAA est $1,800-2,500 finalized $2,530, A FULL PRICE REALIZED IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. Prices include 15% buyers premium.

Poulin Auction Co. has the lowest commission structure in the industry for comparable services. Don't waste precious percentage points on your valuable collection. Save thousands!! For consignment information in upcoming auctions contact Poulin's at 207-453-2114 or by email info@poulinantiques.com

POULIN AUCTION COMPANY SEPTEMBER 2012 FIREARMS AUCTION NEARLY REACHES HIGH ESTIMATE OF $2.62 MILLION IN SALES!!! Fairfield, Maine-The massive crowd filled the newly expanded auction facility at Poulin Auction Co. for their Premier Firearms Auction on September 28th, 29th, & 30th, 2012. The three day firearms extravaganza featured a plethora of fine firearms. Antique Wheelocks & Early Martial Arms, Henry Rifles & Early Colts, Sporting Rifles & Modern Handguns, machine guns & Militaria galore drew bidders in house from across the globe. The intense bidding drove prices far above the provided estimates, in many case, contributing to the $2.62 MILLION auction total, a mere 3% from the catalog's high estimate for the entire sale. Thousands of bidders registered for this auction from the far reaches of the globe. The Poulin Auction Co. Premier firearms auction is run in conjunction with our other family's company auction. Our family's sale featured Session 2 of Wes Adams superb collection of fine and extremely rare Winchester & Savage Firearms. Their sale generated a nearly $16 MILLION in sales. The 5 day event totaled a astonishing nearly $19 MILLION in sales. Here are some important highlights from this auction: Henry 1860 Est. 7500-12500 Soared to an astounding 30,420, M-38 Double Decal Paratrooper Helmet Est. 12000-15000 Sold for 14,040, Henry 1860 with a shortened barrel Est. 3000-5000 crushed the estimate reaching 13,160, A profusely ornate Silesian Rifled Tschinke Wheel-lock Est. 6000-8000 performed strongly with a final figure of 12,577, An exceptional Henry 1860 Carbine Replica Est. 5000-10000 Climbed all the way to 10,640, Winchester 1866 Henry Marked Rifle Est. 4000-6000 brought 9,067, a Browning Superposed Centennial Continental Set Est. 6500-8000 changed hands for 8,775, A Colt Python Snake Eyes Set Est. 4500-6000 Soared to 8,190, A Full Auto American Arms 180 M2 Est. 4000-6000 sold for 8,190, A Turnbull Restored 1886 Deluxe Est. 6500-9500 brought 8,190, Winchester 1886 Takedown 45-70 Est. 4000-5000 Crushed the estimate finalizing at 8,190, Sharps 1874 Rifle Est. 7000-9000 sold for 8,190, Sharps Berdan Range New Model 1859 Military Est. 3000-4500 smashed the estimate generating 8,190, Winchester 1866 Carbine Est. 4000-6000 Sold for 7,897.50, Colt 1851 Third Model Navy Est. 3000-5000 dominatingly rose above the estimate 7,663, Mauser 1896 VL & D Est 2500-3500 impressively sold for 7,605, A Club Butt Musket/Fowler Est. 2000-4000 bidders confidently drove to 7,605, Krieghoff M32 San Remo 4 Barrel Skeet Set Est. 5,500-7,500 rose to 7,605, Winchester 1892 Deluxe 25-20 Est. 4000-5000 was enthusiastically bid up to 7,312, Pair of Consecutively Numbered Engraved Colt Pythons Est. 5000-8000 brought 7,020, Remington No.1 Creedmoor was purchased for 7,020, a Scarce Japanese Baby Nambu Est. 2500-3500 was aggressively driven to 5,850, Winchester 2nd Model 1873 Est. 3500-4500 brought 5,850, a R. Sutcliffe Saddle Est. 300-500 brought 5,850, A JP Sauer S147 G Date K98 est. 800-1200 crushed the estimate finalizing at 5,616, A factory cased DWM 1920 Commercial Luger Est. 1800-2500 rose to 5,323. The next premier firearms auction held by Poulin Antiques & Auctions Inc. will be March 2013. Consignment deadline for this truly amazing sale will be the 2nd week of January. Contact Steve or Nick Poulin at 207-453-2114 or info@poulinantiques.com for additional consignment info.

POULIN AUCTION COMPANY MARCH 2012 FIREARMS AUCTION REACHES HIGH ESTIMATE OF $2.1 MILLION IN SALES!!! Fairfield, Maine-There was standing room only when the auction began on the first day of the three day auction. Over 2000 lots of collectible and shooter firearms where offered over the long weekend and there was plenty of action on each lot driving prices to the high estimate on many of the fine items that were sold. Thousands of bidders registered for the three day sale. The record high participation created a bidding frenzy resulted in a sale reaching the high estimate of $2.1 MILLION. There is not enough room on this page to list ALL the fantastic successful sales so we will stick to some highlights... An 18th century Mid-Eastern miquelet was the star of the show with an amazing $32,000 realized price; an inscribed Remington New Model Navy Conversion Revolver attributed to Deputy Charles H Nichols est. $2500-4000 changed hands for $13,800; Barrett 82A1 est. $6000-7500 sold $11,500; an Extremely Rare Colt Lightning Medium Frame est. $4500-6500 climbed to $10,925; a consecutively numbered Colt Boa set est.$ 4200-5000 sold $10,005; a Colt-Burgess SRC est. $3000-4500 sold for $7,187.50; a Browning Continental Centennial Rifle Set est.$6000-10000 fell within est. at $7,130.00; Winchester 1886 40-70 est. $3000-3750 climbed to $6,612.50; a Mannlicher Type JP Sauer Sporting Carbine est. $5000-7000 brought within est. at nearly $6,000; a Winchester 1886 in 50-100-450 est. $4500-6000 climbed to $5,865.00; a Group Industries HR4332 est. $5000-7000 sold within est. at $5,750; an 1851 Navy 2nd Model est.$ 3000-5000 exceed estimate with a final price of $5,750; a Winchester 1886 est. $4000-6000 sold for $5,517.50; a Winchester 9422 Eagle Scout est. $ 3500-5000 sold for $5002.50; a Parker CH grade 10ga est. $2000-2750 sold for $4887.50; a Remington Jenks est. $ 2200-3000 brought $4,830; a Gibbs Flintlock pistol surprised everyone with its pre-sale estimate of $250-400 and a final realized price of $4,715; a completely unmarked Sharps 1874 Type rifle est. $ 3000-5000 sold for $4,750; an Enfield No.4 MK I (T) est. $ 3500-5000 sold $4,600... There are too many fantastic successes from this sale to list everything. For a full price realized list of this sale visit www.poulinauctions.com . Prices include 15% buyers premium. This sale immediately preceded our family's Premier Firearms Auction featuring Session 1 of the Wes Adams Collection of RARE Winchesters, Robert Howard Collection, and Dr. Lucie's Collection of Scagel Knives. The sale generated a staggering record setting $18 million firearms sale; their high estimate for this sale. Together the two separate companies located next door to one another held a 5 day firearms auction event which generated a whopping $20 MILLION IN SALES. The previous record for largest grossing firearms sale was set by our family in Spring of 2008 grossing $12.7 million. We have a fantastic selection of fine firearms in house to be offered in the Fall 2012 Firearms Sale to be held in immediately prior to our family's sale, the two separate companies are located in adjacent facilities in Fairfield, Maine. Their next sale will feature the session two of the Wes Adams Collection of RARE Winchesters. Space is filling fast for the Fall sale call now for information about consignment to ensure you will make it into what is sure to be another historic sale. Contact Steve or Nick Poulin at 207-453-2114 or by email at info@poulinantiques.com
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