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Matching $5 for $5 NRA Foundation Donation
In our past three firearm auctions we started asking and also contributing to the Matching $5 for $5 NRA Foundation Donation Program. Mr. Stern was a staunch supporter of our gun collecting rights and devoted part of his life supporting the NRA and its efforts to protect these rights. In consideration of Mr. Stern's loyalties & passions, we are proud to announce a new program to benefit the NRA Foundation: Matching $5 for $5 NRA Foundation Donation.

Proceeds will be used in perpetuity for the sole purpose of educating youth in shooting firearms skills and safety.

In our Firearms auctions, for every gun a client purchases at our firearms auctions, we will suggest that they consider a $5-per-gun donation to the NRA Foundation. This is non-obligatory on behalf of the buyer; however, if you do make a donation, Poulin Auction Company will match your donation up to $5 per gun. The entire proceeds collected from this program will then be donated to the NRA Foundation.

Participants in this program will receive a letter informing them of its success and how much was donated to the NRA Foundation. We hope you will consider joining us in this very worthwhile project. Thank You.

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