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PREMIERE FIREARMS AUCTION: April 8th, 9th & 10th, 2017 @ 10:00AM


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The Spring 2017 firearm auction was a fantastic success generating over $3 MILLION in sales for consignors. Poulin Antiques & Auctions Inc. featured a wonderful offering of quality collectible firearms, edged weapons, accoutrements, ammunition & much more. The 3 day firearms auction at Poulin's was the beginning of a much larger event which was co- hosted by our family's company. Together the two separate auction companies have created a week-long event that has continuously proven to be the most anticipated auction event in the world.

Thousands of collectible firearms crossed the block as participation & enthusiasm grew to a feverish display of aggressive bidding. Bidders from all over flew in to participate in the premier firearms auction event, this included some of our international clients. The magnitude & immensity of the marketing of this event drew aggressive bidders to participate from away & in person including countries such as; Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Netherlands, China, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Russia & Turkey.

The first day featured an impressive offering of quality sporting arms from collections across the U.S. The very first lot on the block DOUBLED the high estimate soaring to $7,050.00 setting the pace for the remainder of the week. One LC Smith Ideal grade crushed the HIGH estimate soaring to $12,337.50. Another LC Smith Grade 2 estimated $2,000-3,000 flew to an amazing $7,637.50. Other fantastic results for collectible shotguns include: Perazzi MX-2000 estimated $3,500-5,500 exceeded estimate bringing over $6,100.00, a Charles Daly Prussian SBT estimated $2,500-4,000 changed hands for $4,300.00, Simson High Grade estimated $2,250-3,500 sold for $4,100.00, LC Smith Trap estimated $1,500-2,500 sold for $4,400.00, one FN LAR Competition out shot the estimate of $3,000-4,000 climbing to $5,580.00. The S&W collectors were aggressively participating driving the bidding on an S&W 627-PC estimated $900-1,350 to over $2,700.00, an S&W 625-3 estimated $ 500-800 brought $1,645.00 & an S&W 629-5 estimated $1,000-1,350 was purchased for $1,880.00.

The second day featured a splendid offering of foreign & domestic military firearms, accoutrements, and ammo. A British Thornycroft shattered the high estimate by 2x selling for nearly $23,000.00. A Long Branch No. 4 MK1 (T) estimated $5,000-8,000 reached $9,600.00. Another Long Branch No. 4 MK1 (T) estimated $4,000-6,000 reached $9,400.00. A rare Irish Contract Winchester P14 Sniper estimated $3,500-6,000 nearly doubled high estimate finalizing at $11,400.00. A Lee Arms Straight Pull estimated $3,000-4,500 brought $6,227.50. A Parker-Hale Enforcer changed hands over the high estimate reaching $6,750.00. A British No. 5 MK1 estimated $1,500-2,500 rose to $4,700.00. An Enfield SMLE MK III with luminous sights estimated $1,500-2,500 sold for $5,170.00. Another Enfield w/ Lattey Sights estimated $1,500-2,500 soared to $7,050.00. An Enfield MK I revolver estimated $1,000-1,500 sold for $3,525.00. A Winchester 1897 Trench Shotgun estimated $3,500-5,500 rose to $8,225.00. A Colt 1911 estimated $1,500-2,200 crushed the estimate soaring to $5,757.00. A JP Sauer M30 Survival Drilling estimated $10,000-15,000 brought nearly $26,000.00. A FG42 magazine reached $6,150.00. A Mauser Conehammer estimated $3,700-4,500 reached $5,875.00. A Japanese T99 MG estimated $7,500-12,000 rose to $13,512.50.

The third & final day of the Poulin Auction featured a superb offering of collectible Colts, Winchesters & antique firearms. A Remington 1890 estimated $4,000-6,000 reached over $6,800.00. A Frank Wesson No. 1 Creedmoor Long Range estimated $6,500-10,000 stood above the estimate at over $13,200.00. An Edwin Wesson Target rifle estimated $5,000-8,000 brought $8,800.00. A Winchester Lee Straight Pull estimated $1,500-2,000 went for $3,050.00. A Winchester 64 Deluxe estimated $4,000-6,000 sold for over $7,300.00. A Winchester Pre-64 M70 estimated $3,000-5,000 soared to $6,625.00. A 24th Maine Civil War Presentation Sword estimated $2,000-3,000 brought $3,055.00. A Colt Python estimated $2,500-3,500 brought $3,640.00.

The Poulin Auction was immediately followed by my uncle's Premier firearms auction event. Their stellar event generated an additional $13 MILLION in sales with some impressive statistics. Some of their auction statistics include: 302 lots brought $10,000 or more, 153 lots brought $20,000 or more, 29 lots brought in an excess of $50,000. 11 Of their lots topped out at over $100,000 additionally four lots brought in over a quarter of a million dollars each.

Together the two separate auctions generated over $16 MILLION for consignors. This shows once again that no other auction house events can generate the results we can attain at the conservative commissions we offer. INCLUDING 0% SELLER'S COMMISSION ON EXPENSIVE ITEMS & VALUABLE COLLECTIONS. Do not lose out on precious percentage points. You can generate more from your hard earned collectibles.

If you have any items that you are interested in consigning or would like more information about future auctions visit our website. www.poulinauctions.com or contact us at 1-207-453-2114.

Thank you to all who participated in our recent firearms auction. We appreciate & look forward to seeing you this fall.

Upcoming Consignment Deadlines:

Fall Premier Firearms Auction 2017 - August 1st Catalog Deadline

Spring Premier Firearms Auction 2018 - January 1st Catalog Deadline

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