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PREVIEWS: MONDAY, JULY 27th ~ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

PRE-AUCTION: 9:15 AM ~ OUTDOORS (Weather Permitting)

FURNITURE: Wonderful English grandfather clock w/ inlaid mahogany case & hand painted dial signed Darby; early 4 drawer bracket ft cherry chest w/ graduated drawers; 7 pc ash bed set; 5 pc pine stenciled bed set; grandfather's clock w/ bird decorated face; early 4 drawer bow front chest w/ graduated drawers; early Windsor arm chair; early Windsor side chair; clean Baldwin spinet piano; 2 pine lift top commodes; drop-leaf tables; Vict walnut armchair; Boston rocker; modern Shaker type chimney cupboard; early Mahogany coffee table; modern chimney cupboard; carved library table; wire patio furniture; Vict rocker; set 6 antique country ladder back chairs; cast iron Oriental garden bench; 1/2 trunk; Cedar chest; early poster bed; one drawer stand; early Queen Anne chair; walnut what not shelf; rosewood lap desk w/ brass corners; 2 Vict marble top tables; modern hutch; Chinese bench; work tables; more...

BOTTLES: A splendid group of American Historical Flasks inc: a Granite Glass co- a Starburst-several Masonic- a Success to the Railroad-; and many more. Sev bitters bottles; Bininger Clock-Chestnuts & Cathedral bottles to name a few. See our web site for listing!!!

DOLLS & TOYS: Private collection of 18+ bisque dolls of all sizes inc Kestners-baby dolls-marked German-etc; lg wax doll; Steiff dealer display; Steiff & other animals; china dolls; Kewpie dolls; comp dolls; doll trunk; Barbie dolls; early toys; doll house furniture; more...

MISC: Bronze of stork signed Offner 1998; 5 pc Tiffany desk set; country ladder-back wagon seat; dome top document box old paint; early sled in old yellow; cobalt decorated crock; early peel; lg chopping bowl; push up candlesticks; cloisonn?; satin glass lamp; castor set; moxie sign; lots of old photos & misc letters; postcards; marbles; tools; early decoy; Oriental rugs; Shaker type rocker; Chinese decorated box; books; early pewter charger; other pewter; country kitchen gadgets; early baskets; early federal mirror w/ reverse painting; lg dog door stop; floor lamps; reflector lamps; lg brass pail; kerosene lamps; estate goods; lots more?

GLASS & POTTERY: Royal Worcester dish set; Fostoria goblets; Limoges tea set; misc pottery; Oriental punch bowl; Stueben bowl; Calyx ware charger; cut glass; Minton tea set; art glass; RS Prussia plate; lg Mettlach stein; Lalique buffalo; Lenox dish set.

PAINTINGS, PRINTS & FRAMES: OOB painting; prints & frames; lg abstract by Jake Berthot; sm drawing by John Lees; ogee mirror; 2 early federal mirrors w/ rev paintings; oval walnut mirror; OOC floral by Annie Hardy; Chandler pastel.

JEWELRY: Georg Jensen Bracelet; 14 kt bar pin w/ diamond/ other gold pins; 2 lg diamond rings (3/4 kt +/-); lg 14k multistone ring w/ lg center diamond; gold pins; gold rings; 14k gold beads; over 20 pocket watches inc 14k-Bunn Special-coin-gold filled-& more; 18K & diamond ladies wristwatch; other ladies & men?s wristwatches; watch fobs; Indian Turquoise jewelry; sterling bracelets; more sterling & gold jewelry; misc sterling pcs.


B1. GIV-24. Eagle/masonic. Deep olive green. CONDITION: no damage.

B2. GII-86. Double eagle. Light greenish amber. CONDITION: slight lip roughness.

B3. GXV-7. Granite glass company. Deep red amber. CONDITION: interior deposits.

B4. Figural pineapple bitters. Rich deep amber. CONDITION: no damage.

B5. GIV-18. Eagle/masonic. Light amber. CONDITION: exterior high point wear.

B6. GIII-8. Cornucopia/urn. Olive amber. CONDITION: lip chip.

B7. GVIII-16. Sunburst. Yellow olive. CONDITION: no damage.

B8. GI-33. Washington/Jackson. Deep olive green. CONDITION: no damage.

B9. GV-5. Success to the railroad. Olive amber. CONDITION: roughness to 1 side rib & small lip chips.

B10. GIV-43. Star AD/GRJA masonic. Greenish amber. CONDITION: pontil spall (does not show).

B11. GII-74. Eagle/cornucopia. Aqua. CONDITION: no damage.

B12. G1-46. Washington/Taylor. Aqua. CONDITION: open surface bubbles, interior haze.

B13. GII-88. Double eagle. Greenish amber. CONDITION: interior residue.

B14. GIII-7. Cornucopia/urn. Deep olive green. CONDITION: no damage.

B15. GIII-7. Cornucopia/urn. Deep forest green. CONDITION: no damage.

B16. GIII-10. Cornucopia/urn. Olive green. CONDITION: interior residue.

B17. Chestnut flask. Forest green. 7" tall. CONDITION: slight interior residue.

B18. Bininger clock. Amber. CONDITION: small pontil spall.

B19. "Luke Beard." Ten pin soda. Brilliant medium green. CONDITION: exterior wear.

B20. Chestnut flask. Topaz. 6 1/2" tall. CONDITION: interior residue.

B21. Lot of 3 clear glass pieces.
1) Free blown taper decanter with sunburst stopper. CONDITION: interior residue.
2) French blown in dip mold decanter. CONDITION: roughness on lip, cloudy. Stopper chipped.
3) Free blown nursing bottle. CONDITION: small pontil chip.

B22. Lot of 3 whiskey flasks.
1) Handle whiskey flask . Amber. CONDITION: slight lip roughness.
2) Pumpkin seed flask. Embossed/petal design. Aqua. CONDITION: no damage.
3) Large pumpkin seed flask. Amber. CONDITION: interior residue.

B23. Lot of 3 bottles.
1) Free blown French olive oil bottle, open pontil. Aquamarine. CONDITION: no damage.
2) Drake?s Plantation Bitters. Amber. CONDITION: 3 small chips on base.
3) Doyle?s Hop Bitters. Amber. CONDITION: interior residue.

B24. Lot of 3 pontiled pepper sauce bottles.
1) Square base cathedral style. Aqua. CONDITION: no damage.
2) Hexagon base. Cathedral style. Aqua. CONDITION: very slight roughness to lip.
3) 8 lobed base style. Aqua. CONDITION: no damage.

B25. Snuff. Light olive amber, open pontil. CONDITION: no damage.
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